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Wireless Mics

When you need to hire a wireless radio mic in Edinburgh, we can help you find the perfect system to hire. whether you want a wireless radio mic for your birthday party or wedding, or you want a radio mic for a car launch or stage production.

We have a wide range of Roaming microphones available for rent, from budget to high quality, we have hire systems to suit any budget.

Item Daily Rate Weekly Rate
VHF Radio mic systems (Hand/Lapel/head) £POA £POA
UHF Radio Mic System (Hand/Lapel/head) £POA £POA
VHF Twin Radio Mic system £POA £POA
UHF Twin Radio Mic Lapel System £POA £POA
Note: All Prices shown exclude VAT.

Wireless Radio Microphone multi channel systems

We have a range of multi channel systems designed to allow use of multiple wireless microphones simultaneously within close proximity.

Item Daily Rate Weekly Rate
4ch Radio mic System (hand/lapel/head) £POA £POA
4ch Radio mic System (hand/lapel/head) £POA £POA
Note: All Prices shown exclude VAT.

Wireless Microphone for Cameras

If you are doing camera work and need to hire a really high quality wireless mic system then look no further than the high end Sony Freedom series kit.

Item Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Camera Radio Mic System £POA £POA
Note: All Prices shown exclude VAT.

Wireless Microphone Accessories

Megaphones and loudhailers are the perfect solution for crowd control. They can be used for poltical rallys marches even sports events where sound audibility is more important than sound quality.

Item Daily Rate Weekly Rate

Note: All Prices shown exclude VAT.

What are Wireless Microphones?

There are many different names for wireless mics, so we know it can be confusing when you are looking to hire one but seem to be getting confused by all the techie Jargon. There are several different names in the industry for them, but they all mean the same thing. So if your looking for:

:: Radio Mic Hire in Edinburgh
:: Roaming Mic Hire in Edinburgh
:: Wireless Mic Hire in Edinburgh
:: UHF Mic Hire in Edinburgh
:: VHF Mic Hire in Edinburgh

Don't worry you are looking for the same thing, and this is the right page! All of the above are ways of describing wireless microphones, what a wireless microphone is technically is extremely simple by definition. A wireless microphone is just a microphone without a cable connecting it directly to the sound system or PA equipment being used to record or play the sound picked up by the microphone.

Radio Microphone Standards

Hiring a radio micrphone doesn't need to be frustrating, we don't just hire radio microphones, we sell them from all major manufacturers. so we can give you any advice you need on renting wireless mics for your event and after 30years we know many of the venues in and around Edinburgh. There are currently two main professional standards available for hire, UHF and VHF. If you are concerned about which you should be hiring, please call us on 0131 556 1300 or contact us now and we will happily discuss. alternatively you can email us. [email protected]

Advantages of Wireless Microphone hire

:: Wider area of movement or freedom for person(s) using a wireless microphone
:: No Cabling issues, perfect for venues where you don't want long cable runs or to ruin the venue asthetics
:: Health and saftey, by not having a cable attached or across walkways you minimise the possibility of some one getting injured

Types of Radio microphones Available to hire.

:: Handheld Radio mic hire
:: Headset Radio mic hire
:: Tie Clip Radio mic hire
:: Instrument wireless mic hire

History of the wireless Microphone

Believe it or not the beginnings of the radio mic seems to be the industries version of the Chicken and the egg. There are many different people over a range of about 10 years who lay claim to inventing the Wireless microphone. The earliest of these would be Reg Moores, he first developed a radio microphone that was used by the cast of Aladdin on ice in 1949. The next theatrical implementation was seen 2 years later in 1951 by John F Stephens, this time implementing FM transition to achieve wireless in his system design, Stephens design was the kick start of the Americans wireless "bugging" operations.

The next slot of claims arrived from out with the theatrical area, the claim was set in the American sporting world, implemented in America's favourite past time baseball so that the umpires could be heard clearly when broadcast on NBC. The design was created by Herbert Magellan in 1951. It could be implied that both American designs in 1951 and 1953 had links to wireless microphone technology for military implementation.

4years later and across the pond, Shure laid claim to it's Vagabond system was in fact the first wireless system designed and build in 1953. 3 years after Shure (1957) we see another industry name Sennheiser in conjunction with a German broadcaster introducing it's take on a wireless microphone system.

Believe it or not even after all these claims it was not until 1964 that a patent was granted. So who was granted a patent, Raymond A. Litke, who invented his wireless system in 1957. This although argued not the actual first wireless microphone system, was in fact the first of what you could class as the father of modern wireless as we know it today. first introduced in two types like available to hire today standard handheld and (tie clip) lavalier mic.

Some of the first big celebrity names to use wireless technology include Kennedy and Nixon.

So although the argument continues, no one can deny that the 60's saw the start of true working and all important dependable wireless microphones. The biggest breakthrough in wireless technology was seen in 1976 when Nady Systems overjoyed the sound buffs, with wireless microphone quality that was of the same standard as a microphone using a wire.

If you have any queries to what wireless radio microphones you should be renting for your event, please Call us on 0131 556 1300 or contact us now and we will happily discuss your rental with you. alternatively you can email us. [email protected]