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As a Hire company in Edinburgh, we know the importance of getting the right mic for your event. Not every event or venue require the same microphone. With 30years serving the sound and lighting industry in Edinburgh and Scotland, we can help you make sure you get that perfect sounding mic for your special event, whether you need a choir mic, a presentation microphone, a desktop microphone or just a traditional wired mic hire, we can help!

Mics for hire in Edinburgh


What Mic should I hire?

When Hiring a microphone for any event you must take into consideration several aspects to insure that your getting the best sound possible, microphones can sound drastically different in terms of quality when used for the wrong application. Lets face it you ideally wouldn’t want to use a drum mic to do a wedding speech!

Table top Mic Hire

We have a range of Table top microphones available for hire, from budget to high end, we have a table top mic for hire to suit your budget and requirements!

Mic Stand Hire

We understand that every event is different and that every one of our clients requirements are different, not every event can have the microphone stand in the same place. this is why we have several Mic stand styles and boom mic stands for hire, contact us for more information!


We pride our selves in having a wide range of professional microphones available to hire. This includes Shure mic hire, Sennheiser mic hire, Audio-Technica mic hire, Trantec microphone hire.If you have any queries to what microphones you should be renting for your event, please contact us now and we will happily discuss your rental with you.

Types of Microphones

The Following Diagrams represent the pickup of the different types of microphones as if your looking down from the top of the microphone:

Directional mic hire Bi-directional mic hire edinburgh hypercardioid mic hire edinburgh supercardioid mic hire edinburgh
Directional Mic hire Bi-directional hire hypercardioid mic hire supercardioid mic hire
Cardioid mic hire edinburgh subcardioid mic hire edinburgh omnidirectional mic hire
Cardioid mic hire subcardioid mic hire omnidirectional mic hire

Omnidirectional Microphones

Omnidirectional as for a long time been thought to have a perfect sphere like property in all dimensions, obviously with most theory, in the practical real world it has quickly been disproved, the polar pattern shown above is a function of frequency. Of course the smaller then diameter of the microphone used increases the quality of it’s omnidirectional pick up at the high end of the frequencies. To achieve near true omni direction many “omni directional” microphones are near on 6mm diameter, this is the closest that microphones can achieve in removing any directional properties even to some of the highest frequencies available.

By the design of the microphone, it has achieved notoriety within the professional world as the “purest” microphones, most likely because of its ability to add very little to the original sound. (any change to the sound through a microphone is considered as colouration).

One of Omnidirectional plus sides thanks again to it’s design is it’s ability to be used outdoors with very little to no sound degredation caused by wind noise unlike more directional microphones.

Unidirectional Microphones

unlike Omni directional Microphones, Uni directional microphones are designed to pick up sound speciffically from one direction.

Cardioid Microphones

Microphones designed using cardioid microphone technology are probably the most favoured for unidirectional microphone design. Obviously there are several types of Cardioid designs for use with different applications, as shown above these are; Cardioid microphones; HyperCardioid microphones; SuperCardioid microphones and Sub-Cardioid microphones.

Each type has its own unque characteristics

Cardioid Microphones:

:: Heart shaped pickup, shown in the above diagrams.

HyperCardioid microphones:

:: front sensitivity is tighter than standard Cardioid
:: Rear sensitivity shows a smaller range

SuperCardioid microphones:

:: even move pick up in the front than Hyper
:: Less pick up in the rear compared to Hyper

When you are looking to hire a vocal microphone the above types of microphone are best suited, by design they will reject most surrounding noise while clearly picking up the person talking with as little colouration as possible.

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