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4ch Radio mic System (hand/lapel/head)


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4ch Radio mic System (hand/lapel/head) edinburgh
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This 4-way cordless microphone system comprises 2 x Gemini dual UF-2064 receivers.  The dual receivers are rack mounted  together into one 4 channel wireless microphone system in a flight case.

The wireless receiver channel on each of the 4 radio receivers can be set to a different radio frequency. Then set each transmitter to a matching frequency and you have a compact, high quality UHF 4 channel wireless mic system.

Technical Specification:

  • 2 x UF-2064 dual UHF wireless microphone receiver
  • 4 x FM-64 handheld microphones with built-in radio transmitters
    Up to 20-25 hours battery life using alkaline batteries
  • Selectable Radio Frequency: UK: 10 channels between 863 - 865MHz
    Frequencies available: 863.1, 863.3, 863.5, 863.7, 863.9, 864.1, 864.3, 864.5, 864.7, 864.9 MHz
    Multiple wireless units can be used at the same time. To minimize interference with each other it is best to set them at least 1 frequency apart or 2 if possible.
  • Radio transmitter range: 250ft effective and 400ft optimum conditions
  • Battery re-charger built-in to each of the UF-2064 receiver boxes so all 4 wireless mic transmitters can be re-charged simultaneously if fitted with re-chargeable batteries