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Bose 802 Speakers (pair)


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Bose 802 Speakers (pair) edinburgh
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The Bose 802 Series II sound components provide a fully modular system designed
for high quality reinforcement of voice and music.

Bose 802 Series II loudspeakers work with the 802C Series II systems controller for
active equalization of the system.

The 802 Series II loudspeaker is preferred for applications requiring a rugged, portable
enclosure, but can be used in permanent indoor sound system installations.

The 802C Series II systems controller assures smooth, accurate spectral response across
the entire operating range of the 802 Series II loudspeaker. Sharp subsonic and ultrasonic
band-limiting filters reduce power waste, stage noise, high-frequency instability, and
interference. The systems controller also provides two independent signal channels.

Technical Specification:

Audio channels: Two
Operating modes : Full-range, bi-amp
Rear panel connectors :
Balanced in-out x 2 (XLR)
Balanced high-frequency output x 2 (XLR)
Balanced low-frequency output x 2 (XLR)
140Hz with 502B bass enclosure
Rear panel controls:
Mode switch
Input sensitivity switch x 2 (-10dB-V, +4dB-V)
Bass level control (range -18dB, +3dB)
Bass mono switch (norm/sum)
Electrical specifications:
Channel separation: >60dB @ 1kHz
Input impedance: 2.4kΩ nominal
Output impedance: 600Ω nominal
Output level: 8.0V RMS max. into 600Ω
Mechanical specifications