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50w Active Portable PA

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50w Active Portable PA edinburgh
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Our 50w Portable PA offers great sound repoduction  from a system in a tiny package allowing you to reinforce your voice when presenting to an average sized group of people.

This system is the perfect choice for people who need sound amplification to a, average sized group of people, but may be limited to the available space and power sockets.

Great for large bus tours, outdoor speeches. medium sized performances outdoors during the edinburgh festival.

Addons :

UHF Radio mic for use with unit £10.00
Speaker stand and bracket for use with unit £5.00
Standard mic with mic cable £5.00

Technical Specification:

Includes VHF Wireless Headband/Lapel/Handheld Radio Mic options.
Built in Cassette player/Recorder.
Battery upto 3hours or mains