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The Aiwa XD-S1100 DAT recorder has a three-motor transport on a sturdy chassis with anti-vibration insulation.

  • Excellent quality soundThe DAT converts an audio signal into a digital signal and performs signal processing. Thanks to the digital conversion, the DAT provides high quality recording and playback with a wide dynamic range. minimum distortion, and high signal-to’ noise ratio.


  • Digital audio recording using SCMSDigital recording from digital sources such as compact discs and DAT music tapes are possible.


  • Compact DAT cassette tapeA cassette tape of 73 x 53 x 10.5 mm with a 3.81 mm tape width is especially designed for DAT.


  • Sub-code recordingThe following sub-codes are registered automatically or manually.• START ID (start identification): indicates the beginning of a track• PROGRAM NO. (program number): indicates the order of the tracks• END MARK: indicates the end of the recorded portionThe sub-codes can also be erased as necessary.


  • High speed search by sub-code detectionBy detecting the registered sub-codes, you can locate the desired tape position easily at a high speed. This provides as high an operability as the CD player.


  • A pair of digital inputsDigital sources such as a CD player. a digital tuner and a DAT deck can be connected. The digital connection assures recording quality.

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